Worksheet Details


Main Lounge, Club Belmore

Venue Capacity         



427 Burwood Rd, Belmore, NSW 2192

Club Phone                 

(02) 9784 4300


Set Times

Thursdays 7:15pm – 9:45pm

Saturdays 7:30pm - 11:00pm


Performance Area     

Ground Floor Lounge

Set Lengths               

Thursdays 3 x 40 minute sets

Saturdays 3 x 50 minute sets


Artist to provide their own Production including lighting.

Please Note that large PA systems are not required for lounge performance.


240 volt power is available.

Stage Size               

n/a – please ask the Duty Manager upon arrival where to set up.

Load In                       

Load in through the venues front doors.

The club has a flat load..

Load Out                   

Post-performance through the clubs front doors.

Sound Check             

Permitted 1 hour prior to performance time only.


The Club has requested that the volume not be too loud. The Club want to create a good atmosphere and want patrons to be able to hear each other speak whilst in the room.

Please note that the Duty Manager has final say in regards to volume. If you are asked to turn it down by any member of staff please follow their instruction.


On street parking and some limited on site parking is available.

Performer Requirements:

1. Confirm this booking via reply email to

2. Send a Tax Invoice, post-performance with an ABN to:

Campsie RSL

25 Anglo Rd, Campsie, NSW, 2194

Or email to

Please include bank details, Account Name, BSB Number & Account Number for Direct Debit payment, or
cheque details. There are no cash payments.

(Please note, no artist payments shall be made to artists or their representatives without a TAX Invoice)