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Worksheet Details


Harbord Diggers

Venue Capacity         



88 Evans St, Freshwater NSW 2096

Venue Phone             

(02) 9938 1444


Set Lengths                           

3 x 45 min sets


Artists are to provide their own Production. Vocal PA is adequate, please patch into venues in house system. See below for input.

Load In                                   

Loading dock, enter the main carpark entrance and turn right.

Contact venue management on arrival. Free parking available at the Harbord Diggers precinct.

Music Brief                             

Lively and accessible. A diverse range of cool and unique covers but definitely NOT typical straight ‘pub’ covers.
Rock, soul, funk, pop, indie.
Please ease into the night, set starts during dinner trade but builds later, especially from 8pm to a lively party set. Dynamic, fun and upbeat.
The important note for now, and it will be obvious as soon as you arrive, that this isn’t a 'Diggers Club', it’s now a very on–trend bar and we’re after a cooler sound! 


Performer Requirements

1. Confirm this booking via reply email to

2. Email A Tax Invoice to

Please include bank details, Account Name, BSB Number & Account Number for Direct Debit payment.

There are no cash payments.

(Please note, no gig payments shall be made to artists or their representatives without a TAX Invoice) 

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