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Miranda Hotel Sat 19th October 2019 Face


Damage Inc.

Performing Appetite for DEstruction &  BLACK ALBUM 

Saturday October 19

Miranda Hotel

$25 Pre-Sale

$30 On The Door


Appetite For Destruction and Black Album Played IN FULL.
Authentically recreated by two of Australia’s ultimate tribute bands.

Lies N’ Destruction and Damage Inc, will be joining forces to melt faces in an event that will revisit the hedonistic, rock star days of the 90s.

Lies N’ Destruction will be bringing you the swagger and booze fuelled classic songs from Guns N’ Roses, their debut album Appetite For Destruction played in chronological order Front to Back, beginning with Welcome To The Jungle and closing with fan favourite Rocket Queen, with Sweet Child O Mine, Paradise City and all of your favourites from rocks best tucked in there, just how you remember them.

Whilst Sydney mainstays, Damage Inc who have been stampeding venues for years will leave you ears bleeding with Metallica’s Black Album played in reverse order, Back to Front, starting with The Struggle Within and ending with the ground breaking Enter Sandman, and everything in between, Nothing Else Matters, Wherever I May Roam, Sad But True and more.

However there is more to come, as Lies N’ Destruction will take to the stage and close out the night with all of your favourite tracks from Guns N’ Roses Use You Illusion Double Album.

This is a night of pure rock n roll debauchery which is NOT to be missed, tickets on sale NOW!!

Damage Inc (2).JPG
Lies and Destruction - 32-4.jpg
Damage Inc (2).png
Battle Round #2
Lies N' Destruction & Damage Inc.
Performing Appetite For Destruction Front to Back
The Black Album Back to Front

Guns N Roses + Metallica a brief history in rock shenanigans.


July 1992, two of rocks biggest acts of the era, Metallica and Guns N’ Roses launched a co-headline tour across the USA. Maybe the tour was doomed from the start? Metallica were using heaps of pyro in their show, and Guns N’ Roses front man, Axl Rose was taking anywhere up to 2 hours to get on stage after Metallica finished their set. 
Metallica’s Black Album was burning up the charts, and Guns N’ Roses were touring the Use Your Illusion double release, hot on the heels of their mammoth debut Appetite for Destruction.

On Aug 8, 1992 in Montreal, James Hetfield lost his bearings half way during Fade To Black and was standing on top of a pyro grate when it went off, he was immediately rushed to hospital and suffered third degree burns to his arm. The band finished their set early.

Guns N’ Roses had an opportunity to jump on stage sooner to salvage the gig and appease the crowd, however they took 3 hours to take the stage and when Axl, citing a throat injury, left the stage earlier than normal, the crowd, now furious at this point, rioted, trashing the stadium, tipping cars and looting nearby stores.


Come and experience what is one hell of a night, without the pyro, without the late starts and get them fists in the air, it all goes down Saturday October 19 @ Miranda Hotel.


What’s better than seeing your favourite band on stage?

Seeing two of them on the same stage on the same night, right?

BIG ROCK GIG is a series of live events that will put together tributes to two of the world’s largest bands, on the same stage, once a month right here at Miranda Hotel.

Why BIG ROCK GIG? Let’s keep it simple yeah?

This is a night for the fans of rock n roll in the Shite to converge en masse upon the Miranda Hotel, giving you the opportunity to get those devils horns 🤘 🤘 raised and those air guitars out, and our first BATTLE ROUND event is going to  be HUGE!


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