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Worksheet Details


Lucky Australian

Venue Capacity         



81 Forrester Rd, North St Marys NSW 2760

Venue Phone             

(02) (02) 9623 3600

Set Lengths                

Friday Nights (Solo) 3 x 45 min sets


Artist to provide production including lighting and background music for in between sets.

Music Brief                 

Acts are to start with uptempo pub rock singalongs from the first song and continue throughout the sets. Aussie Pub Rock is now more than acceptable to perform.

Load In     

Set up in via the front doors and ask the DM for the specific performance location.

Sound Check:

Be set up and sound checked at least 30 mins before start time.


Please bring your own production and use as FOLDBACK only.

The venue will require you to patch into their current in house system via a wireless transmitter.

The Cable below will be what you need to connect to your mixer and their transmitter.

Image below.

You will need to plug this into the OUTPUT of your mixer, the signal will then be transferred to the venues amp rack back of house.

Use your speaker as foldback for yourself only.

Adjust levels for the venues in house system to not be overtly loud.

The venue is quite reflective and any loud noise will echo and be intolerable.

Please also watch volume of your foldback.

Once they have switched over to your system, you will NEED to run background music for in between sets.

Once your gig has finished swap back the system to the venue.





















Performer Requirements:

1. Confirm this booking via reply email to

2. Send a Tax Invoice with an ABN to:

The Launch Squad Pty Ltd



Or Email to

Please include bank details, Account Name, BSB Number & Account Number for Direct Debit payment, or
cheque details. There are no cash payments.

(Please note, no gig payments shall be made to artists or their representatives without a TAX Invoice)

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