Worksheet Details


Front Bar, Mill Hill Hotel

Venue Capacity         



189 Beaconsfield St, Milperra NSW 2214

Venue Phone             

(02) 9771 2722


Set Lengths                

3 x 45 min sets


The Artist will be required to plug into the venues in house system, utilising a mixing desk provided by the venue, see attached jpegs for specific mixer. You will need to provide your own foldback speaker (No front of house speakers needed), mics, stands and leads.
Your set and background music will be ‘pumped’ through the venues sound system. Speak with staff before starting to switch their system over for you.

Provide background music suitable to a Sunday afternoon gig. Keep the volume at a reasonable level. Do not have it loud. If you can’t hear yourself turn up your foldback.
Venue requires that acts run background music from the desk throughout their set also; The connections for this are 2 x ¼ inch stereo jack. See attached image for what you need.

The mixer has one aux output which is also ¼ inch and you would use this output to run your own powered speaker/foldback.

The cable you require for this would depend upon what input your powered speaker requires, however the desk requires a ¼ inch jack.

You will also need a powered speaker, passive speakers won’t work.

Music Brief                 

Background music, easy listening and nothing to rock n roll. The venue wants laid back songs.

Load In                       

Act to be set up and sound checked at least 15 minutes prior to start time.
Please enter at the hotels main doors, set up in the alcove area. (As you are looking at the bar alcove is to your left)


Performer Requirements:

1. Confirm this booking via reply email to

2. Send a Tax Invoice with an ABN to:

The Launch Squad Pty Ltd



Or Email to

Please include bank details, Account Name, BSB Number & Account Number for Direct Debit payment, or
cheque details. There are no cash payments.

(Please note, no gig payments shall be made to artists or their representatives without a TAX Invoice)