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The Launch Squad is an established music venue consultancy that sources entertainers across Greater Sydney.
Founded in 2006, The Launch Squad’s team of live music experts are equipped with over 18 years of experience in the music industry. The Launch Squad’s founder and Head Honcho, James Dawson, has a distinct history within the music and entertainment industry, as a consultant and performer.
The Launch Squad mediate between artists and venues, aiming to achieve a healthy balance between both parties. We achieve this by acting on behalf of clients and sourcing appropriate artists to perform. The Launch Squad consult directly with clients, advising on cost-effective solutions, and ensuring events are executed professionally.
"This personal understanding of being a musician and attending events for almost 30 years, ensures that my role as a consultant with The Launch Squad provides me with an unrivalled understanding of how to collaborate with artists and businesses. 
I personally understand the journey involved in securing entertainers for all types of events, from being part of a touring band to working in and booking for major venues.
Being able to provide music to hundreds of venues across NSW over the past 20 years is a dream come true for me. As a teenager I would never have thought I would have the oppourtunity to work with amazing musicians and clients"
James Dawson



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