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 I came from a musical family and was always drawn to rock and roll. I played my first gig when I was 14. At 18 I moved to the city and immediately launched into playing four and five nights a week; both in bands and, later on, as a soloist. 

As bass player and second vocalist in Brisbane rock band ‘The Butterfly Effect’ I spent a lot of the last 12 years touring Australia and the world but I always seemed to spend any down time I had back in the pubs playing for people. 

Over the last couple of years I have risen to be one of the more profile, in-demand soloists around Brisbane. I’ve held residencies at most of the big inner-city live music venues around Queensland at one time or another. I moved to Sydney almost a year ago and the world is now beginning to spread. 

When it comes to music, whether it be singing the songs of Bruce Springsteen and Bob Dylan whilst sipping whiskey and telling stories, performing mashups and medleys of ‘Daft Punk’ and ‘Mumford and Sons’ to packed dance floors using exclusive studio-recorded backings or or just holding court whilst the whole room sings a classic by ‘Cold Chisel’, I enjoy it all and it shows. 

I’ve had enough experience to know exactly what a room needs and my song-list is updated weekly. 

I love to entertain, pure and simple. 

Glenn Esmond

Solo Acoustic 

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