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Worksheet Details


Narellan Hotel

Venue Capacity         



279 Camden Valley Way, Narellan NSW 2567

Venue Phone             

(02) 4646 1311

Set Lengths                

3 Hour Call - 3 x 45 mins

4 Hour Call - 4 x 45 mins


Artists will be required to plug into the venues in house system, see below jpeg for connection inputs.

You will need to provide your own mixing desk, foldback speaker (No front of house speakers needed), mics, stands and leads.

An output from your mixing desk will require a MALE XLR cable to connect into the venues FEMALE XLR input.

Music Brief: Contemporary indie and pub songs, mixed in with current pop and JJJ songs.


Load In     

Set up in via the front doors and ask the DM for the specific performance location.

Sound Check:

Be set up and sound checked at least 30 mins before start time.

Performer Requirements

1. Confirm this booking via reply email to

2. Email A Tax Invoice to

Please include bank details, Account Name, BSB Number & Account Number for Direct Debit payment.

There are no cash payments.

(Please note, no gig payments shall be made to artists or their representatives without a TAX Invoice) 

Narellan Hotel Patch Bay.jpg
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