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 Ted Nash is a seasoned musician and performer with over 17 years on-stage performance experience. Audiences warm to his strong, melodic voice; familiar yet refreshing repertoire;  dynamic & versatile skills as a guitar player; and on-stage sense of energy, fun and accessibility 

With a strong repertoire of the favourites – as well as plenty of ‘left-fielders’ to keep it interesting – Ted can vary his extensive play list to accommodate a wide variety of venues – from Inner City & Suburbs to Outback Towns where ‘Kernigan is still King’. The sound can be delicate enough to sit comfortably beneath the conversations of Bistro diners, and later, powerful and rich enough to get the entire venue singing along and dancing. Ted’s well honed guitar abilities make the music authentic, dynamic, percussive, melodic and rhythmic enough so that the audience doesn’t feel the need for a full band. 

Ted Nash

Solo Acoustic 

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