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 Growing up in a musical family, Felicity Robinson has been exploring her talents as a singer/ songwriter. From Sydney, Australia she recently graduated from the Australian Institute of Music where she has flourished in her musical setting. 

For the last few years, Felicity has been performing acoustic duo gigs around Sydney. Her music really comes alive in this acoustic setting, where audiences are taken by her distinctive, angelic-like voice and pure tones which compliment the captivating lyrics in her songs. Her presence on stage gives listeners a unique and intimate encounter to ears. 

Specializing in duo or trio performances, Felicity can cater to any type of event. She is exciting and charismatic and she blends jazz to rock into a show that will captivate the audience. 

Over the time of her musical career, she has been introduced to a whole range of different musical genres which makes her repertoire list quite diverse. She can work under pressure, is very reliable and will always get any job done. This upcoming artist is definitely someone to look out for in the future. 

Felicity Robinson 

Acoustic Duo

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